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First Dates for Bikers

First Dates for Bikers

When you contact an interested person on one of the best online biker dating sites, everything looks perfect for a first date, but it still leaves room for fears.  The one advantage to biker dating sites is that you already have something in common, your love of bikes.  Finding love on a biker dating site can be a bit easier than a traditional site but you still have to get ready for that first date, here are some tips on doing just that.

Looking Good

A styling change can be required to prepare for date.  First check your closet and get rid of old clothes, even those that you have not worn for about a year. Buy new trendy clothes to fill the empty spaces.  A new hairstyle can boost self-esteem as well as attract the attention you need. These simple ideas can open a whole new world.

Getting Some Help

You can bring a friend to help you choose the clothes that fit your first date.  Many people find it difficult to decide what is really nice to them, and they rely more on friends than on themselves.   Nice jeans or simple black pants are a good start if you have a tight budget.

For the Ladies

Sometimes the simplest outfits are the best but dress for the venue that you’re going to.  Casual clothes for a coffee date and maybe something more upscale for dinner and a movie.  You may share a love of bikes but that doesn’t mean you have to go everywhere in leather chaps.

For the Guys

Jeans do the trick, but do not wear jeans too small or too short. That’s not impressive. The right length of jeans covers your shoes, and a relatively good condition says a lot.  You need a fashionable, light shirt to wear on any occasion.  Speaking of jackets, plain black always looks good or a light shade of gray, but not what golfers normally wear. All of this may seem banal and boring, but the message is: you want to make an impression. Wear a belt that matches the color of the shoe (black with black, brown with brown, etc.). Definitely wear no sneakers at this time! If necessary, cut your hair and shave. George Clooney looks good with shadows, but you may not.

Now you are ready for your first real date.  It’s easy as that.  You got this!