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Biker Passions is another good looking dating service targeted into motorbikes riders. This website is a part of huge social platform “Passions Network” launched back in 2004 with various topics and niches. What makes this site worth checking out? Let’s find out.

What makes this site special?
As we mentioned already Biker Passions is only a smart niche of huge social network which gather millions of people and connect them together regardless to their hobbies and interests. “Passions Networks” itself had been mentioned in many TV programs and newspapers across English speaking countries with over 250 targeted sites. If you are a Biker who is looking for lover or friend this site is perfect for you.

Website Design
Website design is quite crowded and not that clear. There are too much information on the main page and way too many advertisements and links to other pages. This is quite annoying especially for new users.

If you scroll down the page and don’t mind the advertisements popping out all the time you can find members who are online now and some successful testimonials from all Passions Network pages. Sing up button is not visible as well. All in all entire design is unclear and disturbing.

All features and tools are available for free and we really like it. Not only tools works great but also are accessible for all members.

Not only you can message, browse and search members like in usual dating website but you can take opportunity of social networking as well. Blogs and forums are welcoming to join and participate to share your mind. Chat rooms are great way to get instant access to online users and meet new people within few minutes. Except this you can view a list of new members and add them to favorites.

What is missing here for sure is some match matching tool but from other hand we cannot escept too much from website totally free of charge.

We are pleased to inform that this site is 100% free with no hidden costs. However, members have the option to be a part of all the other Passions Network sites for a one-time fee of $4.95.

Biker Passions doesn’t have any corresponding mobile application however it’s possible to switch the website into mobile version for better usage.

Registration process is easy and takes few minutes. You can join this site by valid e mail address or Facebook account. You need to pick up username and upload few pictures to start your adventure.

Safety and Privacy
Unfortunately there’s no clear information about safety and privacy however since Passions Network had been successor for over 10 years and had so many mentions in social media, we assumed Biker Passions is safe to use.

Customer Service
There’s no customer service section with phone number to have a contact with. However there’s huge Help section with FAQ and email box where you can describe your question.

Final Verdict
All in all we think that Biker Passions is a good start if you are looking for somebody to share your passion with but you don’t want to break the bank. However if you are serious about relationship and commitment with another person, we do recommend to check out paid dating services.